For The Face

Using Priori professional skin care system with advanced AHA, BHA and Idebenone Superceuticals (new advanced technology), which help deliver powerful anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E.

Express Facial 30mins – £18

Revitalize and brighten a tired dull complexion, the skin will look and feel smoother brighter and hydrated.

Luxury Facial 1hour 20mins – £45.00

Starting with relaxing back massage, followed by a relaxing facial, combination of products are customised to re-energise your skin.

Clarifying Skin Treatment 30 Mins – £25.00 (‘The Quick Fix, Lunch Time Peel’)

(book for a course of 6 – one per week is recommended, receive 7th free) This facial will require the use of home care product 2 weeks prior to treatment.

This treatment is designed for problem-prone/congested skins, that are in need of deep cleansing and rebalancing. This peel combines both AHAs and BHAs, which normalize excessive oil production and control shine.

Ultimate age defying treatment 60 Mins – £50.00 (including anti-aging hand treatment)

This facial will require use of home care product 2 weeks prior to treatment.  Delivers the most advanced technology to skin care.  It targets ageing at its cellular source.

This treatment provides dramatic visible results for sun-damaged and environmentally affected skins, using advanced Idebenone complex superceuticals to smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Skins texture, tone and elasticity are dramatically improved, revealing a refreshed youthful looking skin.

Brightening Skin Treatment 30 Mins – £30.00 (Course of 6 is recommended for stubborn pigmentation)

(Corrective home care product must be used 2 weeks prior to treatment)

Idebenone complex and AHA’s target pigment and uneven skin tone with powerful antioxidants which help brighten and illuminate the skin.

Hydrating Skin Treatment 60 minutes – £40.00

Corrective home care products must be used 2 weeks prior to treatment

Combining the advanced AHA peeling techniques to hydrate and revitalize the skin, binding moisture & vitamins to help restore texture and radiate a plump youthful dewy glow.